The list of features is ever-growing. Here are some highlights...

Staff and Client Dashboards

  • An easy to view dashboard
  • Client portal has its own, separate dashboard
  • Commonly-used data in a simple format
  • Collapsable menu that responds to your screen size


  • Securely email questionnaires to your clients to fill out
  • Printable and multilingual in over 100 languages
  • Set expiration dates to prevent data editing after a certain time
  • Lock questionnaires from client edits

USCIS Integration

  • Get live case status from USCIS
  • Updated every 8 hours
  • Click refresh to update manually
  • Live link to the case status page at USCIS

CBP Integration

  • Import I-94 travel history from CBP with one click
  • Clients may import history themselves from questionnaires
  • Improve upon the travel history after importing
  • Infotems will automatically calculate travel days for N-400

Clients, Contacts, Foreign Nationals

  • Manage personal and business contacts from one place
  • Categorize and group contacts for easy searching
  • Everything about the contact easily accessible from one screen
  • Upload contact images

Case Management and Tracking

  • Manage all types of cases, not just immigration
  • Create your own case templates or use one of ours
  • Set reminders for important tasks or events
  • Add notes as private or shared to keep all communication in one place

Pdf Forms

  • Generate auto-populated, latest USCIS, ICE, EOIR and more pdf forms
  • Save the pdf directly to the case with one click
  • Annotations and comments are also saved with the pdf
  • Forms remain editable so you can make further edits

Document Management

  • Upload documents for clients
  • Create document checklists for clients so clients can upload needed documents via questionnaires
  • Color coded to make it easy to identify expired vs expiring-soon documents
  • Set document expiration reminders

Communication and email

  • Send email directly from the case
  • Create letter templates to auto-generate email and letter content
  • All emails and notes are linked to the case and searchable
  • Intuitive email composition interface

Calendaring and Event Management

  • Integrate your Infotems calendar with Google, Outlook, iPhone or Andriod devices
  • View tasks and invoices on the calendar
  • Simple drag-and-drop to change a meeting, or due dates of tasks/invoices
  • Create private events for your eyes only

Invoicing and Billing

  • Create print-ready invoices with your logo
  • Flat rate, milestone or hourly billing supported
  • Create multiple monthly invoices with one click
  • Include billable and/or non-billable items

Time Tracking

  • Track time on a case and/or task
  • Choose to make it billable
  • Add hourly rates for each user
  • Access the currently-running timer from dashboard