2018-04-14 - Join us at the AILA 2018 conference in June in San Francisco. Come say hi at booth 100.

2017-10-01 - Create Pdf form packages from case templates. Group forms into a package by case type.

2017-01-25 - Pdf generation engine upgraded. Added ability to generate forms for any related individual from the same screen.

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Data Migration

Are you storing your data multiple times? If yes, then it's time to consolidate.

fiberoptics Whether you're migrating your company into a centralized system or just consolidating multiple databases to eliminate duplicates, we have the right tools and experience to help you accomplish that goal.

Our data migration specialists are armed with the latest tools to extract your data from multiple legacy systems, map it and migrate it to a single database. Even though this service is included with the purchase of any of our solutions, we can provide custom data migration services for clients with specific needs. For more information, please contact us.

Web Integration

Have your own website? We can link up your database to your website for more accurate and richer content.

grey globe If you have a requirement to link up your existing website to an existing database, we can do that for you. Using latest web technologies, we make sure your data is presented in a secure and efficient fashion. For more information please contact us.

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Get advance notice of case expirations so you can contact your clients before it's too late. Increase productivity by spending more time on cases and less on administrative tasks. Update clients with the click of a button. Get reminders directly on your cell phone.

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