2018-04-14 - Join us at the AILA 2018 conference in June in San Francisco. Come say hi at booth 100.

2017-10-01 - Create Pdf form packages from case templates. Group forms into a package by case type.

2017-01-25 - Pdf generation engine upgraded. Added ability to generate forms for any related individual from the same screen.

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Modules and Features

Everything is cloud-based and online so there is no software to install. Upgrades are frequent, included, seamless and instantly applied to your system.

Our solution allows you to organize the most important operations of your firm into one portal, making it easier for you to access any information, no matter where you are in the world.


- Securely send questionnaires to your clients
- Allow them to start the data entry process
- Set expiration dates to prevent data editing after a certain time
- Lock questionnaires from edit at any time


- Your clients can view questionnaires in over 100 langauges
- Dropdown data will show in any language but always submit to your database in English, per USCIS requirements
- Clients can decide which language to view the questionnaires in

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

- Manage personal and business contacts from one place
- Categorize your contacts
- Export to Excel for mass manipulation or to perform a Mail merge

Case Management and Tracking

- Manage all types of cases
- Set reminders
- Create a team and assign roles
- Create an unlimited number of notes (private/shared)
- Client access - available

PDF Forms

- Hundreds of forms (USA & Canada)
- Generate auto-populated PDF forms instantly
- Auto-populate uses data already entered in case database to generate any available fillable PDF forms
- Save, edit or print

Document Management

- Upload case-related documents. All types of documents are supported
- Identify document validity status with color codes
- Set document expiration reminders to create potential revenue pipelines

Email Functionality & Tracking

- Compose/send email directly from the case
- Emails and attached documents are stored within the case for easy access later
- Track sent emails and notes created on a case
- All attached documents are stored on our servers for central access

Task Management

- Create and assign tasks to yourself or members of your staff
- Track case progress
- Easy to track oustanding or pending tasks
- View your tasks and Events in a singe Calendar view

Financial Management

- Generate and track customized invoices, with your firm logo
- Monitor and edit current case financials (expenses, case fees, etc)
- Prepare reports for easier accounting

Case Templates

- Create base templates for most commonly used cases
- Use templates to create full cases
- Save data entry time by re-using templates

Calendar/Event Management

- Track court dates, personal events
- View all tasks/events for the month
- Time zone intelligence - Update your time zone, if you're travelling under "My Settings" and the system will adjust accordingly

Charting & Reporting

- View your company’s data in graphical formats
- Review your revenue pipeline to determine financials
- Generate reports reflecting your case statuses

HR Management

- Create staff profiles with images
- Upload employee-related documents
- Track vacation/sick days, review notes, salaries and much more


- Grant customized access for your clients, firm HR admin or your own staff members
- Rest assured that all industry-wide best practices have been embraced to ensure the highest possible security for your data and documents
- Our datacenter employs the highest quality equipment and networking technologies to ensure your data remains safe, online and functional
- Control who sees or does what in a case

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Get advance notice of case expirations so you can contact your clients before it's too late. Increase productivity by spending more time on cases and less on administrative tasks. Update clients with the click of a button. Get reminders directly on your cell phone.

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