2017-07-01 - AILA conference a huge success. Thank you to all who visited our booth. Congratulations to the raffle winners.

2017-04-01 - Join us at the AILA conference in June in New Orleans. Come say hi at booth 315.

2017-01-25 - Pdf generation engine upgraded. Added ability to generate forms for any related individual from the same screen.

2017-01-08 - Disk storage upgraded. Capacities increased.

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Infotems Immigration Enterprise Suite - for immigration law practitioners

A web-based, Case & Practice Management system for law practitioners.

Infotems Immigration Enterprise Suite is a result of extensive collaboration between experts in the immigration law industry and in the information systems industry.

People in front of a globe There is no software to install. All you need is a web browser, such as Internet Explorer and internet access. This web-based system is the only system you will need for your office. No office too large nor too small. As part of the installation, we will migrate your existing data into a central and secure database. Infotems Immigration is customizable according to your  business needs. You can set specific access levels for your staff members depending on your business requirements. We also offer an executive reporting module for those in management to see a dashboard-view of company status.

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Get advance notice of case expirations so you can contact your clients before it's too late. Increase productivity by spending more time on cases and less on administrative tasks. Update clients with the click of a button. Get reminders directly on your cell phone.

Request a Demo and a FREE 30-day, NO-OBLIGATION trial.